What are the precautions for the use
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What are the precautions for the use of UPS batteries?
1) It is suggested that the battery should be used at the temperature of +5 ~ +30 (+ 25 ~ (+) to shorten the service life and reduce the low temperature capacity.

2) batteries with different brands, capacities and batteries are prohibited from mixing.

3) hydrogen will be generated in the use of batteries, so keep away from fire sources, keep ventilation and prevent explosions.

4) please keep the environment clean, too much dust can lead to short circuit.

5) The battery should be recharged in time after discharging, and the recharging of the underfilled battery will cause the battery capacity to decrease or even damage, so it is necessary to configure the appropriate charger.

6) If the load of UPS is too light (such as 1KVAUPS with 150VA load), it may cause deep discharge of battery, which should be avoided as far as possible.

7) Appropriate discharge is helpful to the activation of the battery. If the battery is not on the market for a long time, the battery should be discharged manually, 2-4 times a year. The battery can be discharged with the existing load for 1/4-1/3 reserve time.
8) the battery that has been discontinued for a long time (UPS) should be stored after charging, and it is every six months.

Battery service life is generally 3-5 years, to the service life should be replaced in time, otherwise explosive danger will occur at any time, should be regularly checked whether the terminal is firm, if relaxed application board hand tight, tighten the gong wire should not be shocked.